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Bulldog (the)

O.Z. Voorburgwal 88-90

Review and Rating by Dazzla

review created on : 27 May 03
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Five star coffee shop? Shyeah

It would be OK if it were Old Orleans or a similar chain bar, but not really the sort of place you want to come for a pleasant smoke. More of a bar than a coffeeshop.
Marijuana menu: Only bought here once. Dried-out flakes of some tasteless, unidentifiable nederwiet. No samples available for inspection. Won't do it again.
Service & staff: Barman told us that the Vodka-Red Bull special was no longer on despite the signs saying that it was. Ordered Vodka - Red bull anyway and was reluctantly served a syrupy glass of urine-coloured fluid with some ice in it. I have seen worse, however.
Summary : Five star coffee shop? Shyeah. Too many American and English dope tourists with nothing to say and loud voices with which to say it. No mellow vibe at all. Premises were grubby and there was a general air of delapidation. This year, I give up on The Bulld????????? ?????????? ????

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review created on : 27 May 03

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