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Dampkring (de)

Handboogstraat 29

Review and Rating by Budhead123

review created on : 13 Jun 02
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This place is the shit, go there!

This place has one of the best interiors in the dam, dark but chilled the perfect place to smoke a few phillies in the middle of the day. It only gets an 9 cause the out of town green house is so rude and only that diserves a 10
Marijuana menu: The weed is illa, this place sells my all time favourite weed in the world: Buddahs sister! but apart from that they've got loads of choice. The hash is also sic, The moonshine being the best. Much better than isolator from le Canna and cheaper too!
Service & staff: The weed guy is well friendly and helpful he even got more in for us when he didn't have as much of our favorite as we wanted. Bar staff are cool so overall they make it a good experience being there
Summary : This place is the shit, go there!

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review created on : 13 Jun 02

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