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Abraxas Coffeshop

Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14

Review and Rating by GG

review created on : 18 Dec 01
  • 8.0
marijuana menu
  • 7.0
customer service
  • 7.0

Nice mixed atmosphere

You can tell that people feel very comfertable here. The lay-back vibe with a trendy aftertaste.
Marijuana menu: Enough choice, but not very spectacular in quality.
Service & staff: The owner must know how to instruct his personel and motivate them to understand what the word "service" means. I hope more coffeeshops will follow their example.
Summary : Nice mixed atmosphere. I got the feeling everyone is welcome and that the personel knows how to make you feel appreiciated.

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review created on : 18 Dec 01

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