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Raw Garden Apple Chem Sauce

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Raw Garden Apple Chem Sauce
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Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Barbary Coast

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Jun 23, 2018


 This is a 1 gram container of a Hybrid Apple Chem Sauce from Raw Garden.  It was purchased at Barbary Coast for $40 including tax.  


The sauce has a very bright yellow color with these little tiny grainy bits that look like little pieces of rice.  I noticed these in the last Raw Garden stuff I brought, I am honestly not sure what it means... 


The smell is distinctly skunky/piney with just a hint of apple candy.  The budtender helping me told me she liked girlie dabs (her definition of girly was something flavored).  I too enjoy the occasional added flavor however I am wary of too much.  


Referencing my note above about the flavored dabs, this had just the faintest hint of apple candy but it definitely wasn't overly flavored.  Some of the piney scent carried over as well.  But overall it didnt have any really strong flavor.  


The effects were pleasant, kicked in within a few minutes of the low temp dab.  Nice head high but still relaxed.  


This is where it loses a couple of stars.  Despite its good price and unassuming flavor, it definitely hits on the harsher side.  I was coughing for several minutes and it definitely burned after a low temp dab, I can only imaginge what it would have felt like with a npormal temperature.  I wonder if the little rice grains are the reason.  I am going to turn the temperature down and try again and it won't go to waste, but it would definitely give me pause about buying it again.  

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