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BEBOE Sativa Blend .5g Vape Pen

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BEBOE Sativa Blend .5g Vape Pen
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Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Barbary Coast

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Nov 8, 2017


Sativa Blend Oil Pen 49.51% Total THC, 1.98% CBD, 0.58% CBN, Tested by SC Labs

Purchased from Barbary Coast in San Francisco for $65 (tax incl.) for a Half Gram.


The box is very "Art Deco" with a lot of designs and old school lettering.

When you open the box, the pen is enclosed in a glass tube held in place by a paper holder.


The smell of the vapor is mild and has a faintly sweet smell to it.


The vapor has a mildly citrus taste to it but overall is not incredibly flavorful.  Given the amount of vapor cartridges that I have tried with a lot of added flavor, this is a nice surprise.  


I took what the instructions consider 4, 3 second hits and i definitely within a few minutes had a nice high feeling that leaned a little bit towards the sleepier side so I will remember this one before bed! 


If you are looking for a quality oil with a pleasant high in a self contained unit that is comparable in quality to some of its competitors and something that aesthetically is DOPE looking, give this product a try. 

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Barbary Coast

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