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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese
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Nov 27, 2008


Cheese and blueberry. Bio.


These buds are solid and firm to the touch. Give it a hard press and it will be "springy". Light green, it is almost white in many areas with very light yellow-orange hairs emerging from long reaching calyxes, stretching for the sun. The leaves are a bit larger, but all of these are still covered with resin.


This is simply mouth-watering! Fruity, a bit zesty like the usual cheese. Rich smells, strong and obviously potent; it's nice to find a bit of that Indica fruity scent in here.


A dry hit is wonderfully fruity with just a sweet touch of cheese. There is a sweet, yet musty taste that has a bit of lemon peel zest. It burns so smoothly you end up taking bigger hits than you can stand. The �zesty� builds up; there is a vaporous quality to this.


FX are a combo of �flashy� / �slashy� visual effects and a body smashing, gravity-like, feeling. Just a bit of this bud can make you feel a bit wasted. �Double-blink� weed has me taking a second look at everything just to make sure I actually saw what I saw. Not sleepy, quite psychedelic, lots of colours. I really consider this a "happy weed".


I really like this gear. It has all of the important qualities that make cannabis a wonderful natural gift from the gods.

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