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Nov 23, 2006


G13 ("legendary" US Government developed strain) crossed with Haze. Bio.


Wow, SO well structured and incredibly crystalled! Nearly yellow-gold and almost neon green in areas with some larger leaves that are "hairy" in looks� aahhh, Barney the Spider-rrrr (You KNOW this got me stoned when The Who is being referenced!) Seriously though, this weed is off the charts! Nearly every micron of surface space is ripe with resin. These buds are perfectly formed on a micro-scale. While I was preparing a joint they almost "snapped" apart. Nice cure. Ready to roll.


This is that sweet flav�d haze that everyone is after as a Cannaseur. Slightly sour and slightly sweet. There is something here that nearly seems manufactured. Amazingly even while this burns, it still smells fresh; the after-scent here is unlike most weeds that leave a damp and cellar-like scent in your nose.


The flav is right on target; fresh and CLEAN. There is no bullshit here. Nice work Barney's. If I had to introduce someone to the ideal flav of ganj, this would be a good start.


This is the kind of weed you smoke and then spend nearly half an hour lost in a stoney world of your own making. Then suddenly, you snap out of it, scratch your head and exhale with a huge grin. Slashy, flashy, tracer-like images streaked in front of my screen, er, I mean EYES! This is most definitely � A TRIP. I am a happy camper on this weed; it should be used in peace negotiations.


Barney's has another top-ranged contender w/ this 2006 Cup entry. It is one of the strongest highs of the year. It is hard to grow weed stronger than this. On a visual level FX-wise, and also for the superb flav and finish, this is a Smokers Guide TOP BUD.

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