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Jul 25, 2002


Mainly Sativa, Bio-grown.


This is an intersting piece of weed. Indeed, the powder dusting is yellow but it prolly would've been more yellow if it weren't so dark green to begin with. The pieces are generally Christmas Tree shaped, built layer upon layer in a compact grape-clustered fashion. Strong, fat orange hairs. VERY crystal covered; it left powder all over the inside of the bag it came in.


Sugary and fruity, it is immediately reminiscent of an orange bud, with a bit of citral/skunk scents thrown in just to confuse you of its precise genetics.


Yum! Very fruity and fresh flavours released when this is inhaled. It makes you lick your lips for the extra taste. There is a lot of gooey resin left behind on the ends of the joint.


It gets you very stoned, slightly dizzy and body-tripped. These ones always have the possibility of making me a lil' sick to my stomach because of the full-on visuals that make you feel like you are standing below deck in a storm at sea!


This is a great strain to try for it's unique blend of taste & FX. King Yellow is I-rie man. This was a surprising flava; I was expecting it to be more of a crystal-pine but this was more of a citrus. A super-fruity O.T.T. weed that highs you flyin' Over The Top!

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