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Wild Style

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Jul 25, 2002


Pollen from Morocco


This hash is pressed really hard and really firm to give off a shiny dark brown look. Breaking it up is no easy task! Have a lot of table space and make sure your finger nails aren't brittle because they're gonna get a work-out when you try and dig in to this hash without lighting it first!


There isn't much of a smell right out of the bag because the oil is rock-hard. Once you get it burning the Puntjes gives off a really typical strong fine polm scent of parfum and cocoa-mint.


The flav is rich and seems to go on forever once it gets lit. Because this gear is so hard, the flav really bursts out as you toke it down.


Chilled, yet you can still chat to others without feeling like keeping to yourself. An EZ feeling comes over you and the back of your eyes feel a little heavy but you don't get sleepy which is a nice change of FX for me.


This was good smoke; after I finally got it ground up and prepared for a joint I was happily surprised to taste the smooth quality of this hash. Make a point to grab some Puntjes if you have a chance.

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Wild Style

O.Z. Voorburgwal 250
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