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Black Sensi

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Black Sensi
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Sensi Seeds

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Oct 10, 2001


The guys were too busy to chat on this one.


This is not purple as I thought when I saw it initially. It really is almost black at heart. Black is beautiful; too right. Look closely for dark orange-brown hairs. These coli are thin and firm, like little wires. There's a few green mini fan leaves left uncut to keep all the crystals intact. The beautiful deep darkness is so rainbow coloured as the crystals shine brilliantly against its black background; unbelievably gorgeous!


This is great but you must search a bit to place it exactly. I found it to be buttery and luxurious spice-scented. The aroma conjures up images of chillin on a warm Caribbean beach, sun, sea, sand and spliffs! Now, that's it...


Metallic-spice. As with most "purple and black" varieties, the flav is delicate, subtle and short lived... But good. To max it out, I ate a nice mix of teriyaki chicken and assorted sushi like inside-out salmon maki with eitjes/roe. A few bites, a pull off of a fat joint then a few bites more, enhanced by a super Chardonnay from Jacob's Creek vineyards in S.E. Australia. The tastes are so complimentary, you'll be seeing the B-Doc's Smokin' Sushi Shop coming soon; any investors?


Now if you've been smoking some heavy strains (eg. Afghans, White's etc.) this weed isn't gonna knock you down. It gives a very nice, light and blinky high. Shut your eyes, en FLASH! Small light streaks and visual illusions. At first, it can bring on a touch of motion sickness! This is prolly even more true after you've filled your belly with raw fish, fine wine, and massive spiffs of Black Sensi!


A fine pro-smokin' party favour. Bust this out for something unique to entertain your guests with. Old-timers will love examining it under lights, admiring its beauty while beginners will smoke it down unknowingly but enjoyably all the same!

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Sensi Seeds

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