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Crystal Bomb

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Crystal Bomb
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Oct 10, 2001


They said Bubblegum and somethin' else but it's gotta have a strong Afghani-hash plant influence for this resin coverage!


This stuff is about as crystal-covered as i've ever seen! My god! White-light green. Hairs are there, buried somewhere under the crystals. This thing looks like it was moistened and dipped in white powder. It's all-natural resin though! This looks almost foreign to me; is it a piece of cauliflower (bloemkool) or what exactly? You mean i'm meant to smoke this? It's gonna hurt my lungs... good thing they're no virgins!


All you can smell is the crystal chemical scent. There is a wee pine-evergreen cyprus tree blend that gives a "breath" of mixed fruit as it's cracked open.


Are you joking? This shit is way too harsh to actually taste. Much like trichomes, this weed is almost entirely the burn. Best bet is to accompany a nugget like this with a huge icy milkshake; any flavour'll do!


A very strong body and head high. After coughing up a lung, I was able to manage to feel the dizzy fx of mild asphyxia from the lack of oxygen! Then you start to get real stoned, body-style. Be near a bed (or a sofa at least)if you've smoked too much of this!


Nothing special flava or smell wise, but the crystal content is incredible. This is some seriously aggro herb, mate! Almost fake. Recombinant RNA? The house dealer said they were gonna start calling this Bubblegum. I don't think that's a good idea. This was the bomb. Truly.

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