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Power Cream
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Oct 10, 2001


Afghanistan; your man Bin has let even more through lately so all of us "westerners" are balancing the "scales"...


Medium dark brown with fine, even layers. The "skin" is darker and more oily. This stuff looks well pure. Few "plant contaminants" make this really stand out.


Teriyaki-salty-BBQ scented. Just one whiff kinda makes me hungry!


First hit leaves a sweet residue on the lips. Then it goes salty with a lil' "lentil bean" flav. I know you are saying "Whaa?" right now but it's true. It's almost like a fine middle-eastern meal followed by some fresh mint tea. AbFab!


Native K and I each skinned up a fat cream spliff and began to smoke it at 1:00am in our office. Native was well and truly into the body high that came from this: "It feels like all the energy from my brain rushed down through my feet and into the ground below when I stood up..."


This is a winner. The quality is high and the S-guide staff was even higher! Without a doubt, this should be a purchase for those after some fine dark solids....

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