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Super Skunk (3)

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Super Skunk (3)
Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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Oct 10, 2001


Skunk/Sativa blend.


Dense-- Wow, like a rock! The cure seemed a bit rushed as the crystals were not too bangin'!


This one is not earthy-skunky but instead more of a sweet & rich Java C smell.


Fairly rich and skunky although not at first; after you've made it through a half joint it leaves a heavy trail behind.


The high is solid but unspectacular. Nothing out of the ordinary; I smoked some and waited for the "Big Bang" but it came and went with a mild high.


This is not bad for beginners and I certainly wouldn't throw it outta bed if it was my only choice BUT this was no SUPERstar either!

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