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Super Smile
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Route 99

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Oct 10, 2001




Not so smoothly pressed and finely layered, this actually resembles cracked earth, or dry riverbed hash! The pieces are not very flexible and oily. I kept this in my pocket to make it more rubbery; it stayed slightly powdery no matter what. Oh well, this made it easier to roll.


A top smooth polm scent is really released as soon as the hash is burned in a big spliff. The gorgeous gardener walked into a cloud of it and said WAUW!


A soft perfumed essence. I was expecting a stronger taste given the looks and smell but it was actually quite light for a polm of this type.


Nice high that is light and sets in after about 10 minutes. There is a floating, chilled vibe that overcomes you. A wee bit sleepy after this one though.... Better left for an evening session.


A nice mild stoned effect from this polm. I thought it would be a stronger high but no worries; it putta smile on my face in any case!

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Route 99

Haringpakkersteeg 8
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