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Super Turkey
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Oct 10, 2001


Turkey (Aragats valley region?) Usually made with a special henna press technique; I must learn more...


Extremely dark for a screened hash. Bits of white specks. Fairly hard with a light oily feel but it breaks before bending.


The scent is rich and thoroughly spicy. A bit of the special preparation method comes through this way. When burned a rich blue-grey smoke comes thickly swirling upwards.


Still mainly spicy, there is a slightly traditional Marok polm flava goin on here as well; I imagine this is a result of the screening/pressing combo.


The high is nice, with a mild body high effect. I liked this soft high, although it was nothing spectacular.


Fine Turkish is hard to find with their gov't cracking down, trying to prepare them for entry into the EU. I doubt this sample was the best Turk available, but it tasted OK and had a different flava. A good break from the norm....

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