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Intensive Care

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Intensive Care
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Blues Brothers (the)

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Oct 10, 2001


It was WAY too noisy and busy to start discussing its origin when I picked some up!


Tiny solid nuggets. They kinda remind me of Philosopher Stones/Tampanesis (See Our Smart Drug Reviews Section). Crystal covered dark veggie nuggets, with a yellow crystal coating.


A bit skunky, with a lil citral, combined with a wee bit o' cat piss thrown in! In the bag, more danky and acidic smelling. When broke, it rushes into a much more fruity scent.


Rich and flavourful. This one leaves a strong taste lingering in your mouth until you are ready for the next hit.


That "next hit" should be awhile after you sample this one! The fx create a body-stoned feeling. I was reduced to rubble, sitting under a blanket on the sofa. A great X-Files had me in stoner paradise, but I fell asleep before the truth was revealed! (Oh, it STILL wasn't?)


The high was a bit too sleepy/strong for the B-doc; I must remember to bust some of this out the next time I am flying and wanna miss most of it! I just looked up at the title of this weed; how appropriate....

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Blues Brothers (the)

Nieuwendijk 89
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