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Temple Balls

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Temple Balls
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Blues Brothers (the)

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Sep 20, 2002




Darker shiny exterior with a lighter red-brown interior. Wee bits of plant and/or human matter mixed in. (Buddhist Matter!)


Sweet mint with a soft eucalyptus before it is burned. After burning, a richer scent fills the air and hangs quite heavily lending to serious contact highs for our friends who were not smokin' but just tryin' to hang with us!


A bit ol skool dark with a barbecue flava mixed in for good cheer. I was drinking strong mint tea which really conflicted with this flav. Perhaps next time i'll have a lemonade or something citrus to balance the "grilled" taste.


Makes you ask things 3 times... well, at least that's what Native K did! I gave him the same stupid answer everytime! There is a happy, content feeling that comes over you accompanied with nice visuals with "soft" edges; not so crisp as some of the weeds I had smoked earlier in the week.


A nice cheery black hash! Not gear for those ready to sleep, else you'll find yourself twitchin' out, awake at night, with nowhere to go but your thoughts.... heavy thinking!

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Blues Brothers (the)

Nieuwendijk 89
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