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Hassan Deux
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Kroon (de)

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Oct 10, 2001




Light brown, not oily. As it breaks, it looks like it's gonna be soft "cookie dough" but it actually is rocky and powdery when broken up. Nice press with an even composition.


Minty and fresh with a light scent of bakers cocoa. Not excessively stinky even when broken up.


Very flavourful, yet soft and "feathery" on the throat. It's one of those hashes that tastes like an icy mint.I had a joint with one of my first milkshakes of the summer.


A nice quick-hitting "cheery" high that left me in great spirits after only 3 or 4 puffs and 5 minutes! A mild "floating" effect set in and then I noticed I was blinking more than normal! The come down was soft and easy after my grinning subsided.


This was a nice "pick-me-up" as I battled crowds in the city-centrum; I cruised calmly by the stumbling tourists even as they walked straight through the bike path! This hash makes ya say "No Problem..."

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