Getting Cannabis From The US Federal Government - Uncle Sam Is My Dealer!

Since November 20th 1982, the US Federal Government has been been sending Irvin Rosenfeld 10-12 joints a day.

 Despite denying all the medical benefits of cannabis, the US Government has actually been supplying it to medical marijuana patients for over three decades!

In November 24, 1976 Robert Randall brought a lawsuit against the US Government, claiming he should be able to use cannabis to treat his glaucoma; medical necessity This caused the creation of the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program, or Compassionate IND. Only a small number of patients were accepted and only two survive.

Irivin Rosenfeld; a stock broker, is one of those two surviving federal medical marijuana patients. He uses cannabis to prevent the growth of bone tumurs throughout his body, watch the video below to learn his story.