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USA Squash Off Sept 2017

Sunday 10 September 2017

Vehicle City Social

Flint, Michigan

The USA (Uncle Stoner Approved) Squash Off is a one of a kind cannabis rosin competition.Entrants best cannabis buds are squished by rosin presses and smoked by judges in front of the crowd.The contest was an immediate success due to the large turnout of celebrity judges and many high quality entries from top growers from around the state.

The next USA Squash Off is at Vehicle City Social in Flint, Michigan on September 10th 2017 before Snoop Dogg aka, DJ Snoopadelic performs! With entries from some of Michigan's best cannabis growers, then a night of music from one of the world's most famous hip hop artists this second edition of the USA Squash off is expected to be even better than the first