SmokersGuide Event Profile

2017 Grass Roots Craft Cup, Expo, and Dispensary Tour

Saturday 3 June 2017

Leonardo Da Vinci Italia
195 Bay St
V9A 3K4 Victoria, BC

The Grass Roots Craft Cannabis Cup & Dispensary Tour will feature a weekend adventure with interactive maps guiding patients along a journey visiting the participating local dispensaries, judges will critique and cast their vote on their favorite Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and categories for concentrates and edibles, as well as their favorite dispensary.

Speakers Forum

Headline Speaker: Rick Simpson - Phoenix Tears (RSO) Live Teleconference
Jason Wilcox - Cannabis Rights Coalition
Chad Jackett - Cannabis Growers of Canada
Owen Smith - Cannabis Digest

Musical Acts

Ganga Giri - Tribal Fusion - Didgeridoo Dub Musician
Mostly Marley - 10 piece Bob Marley cover band
Rhythmo featuring Kemal Evans - Electro swing world fusion
More announcements to come...

  • Two shuttle services running simultaneously
  • Bicycle Tours
  • Judges Packages Available Nationally through mail order
  • New discounted sponsorship pricing
  • Group ticket packages available