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Errl Camp 2016

Tuesday 29 November 2016 - Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Domes

Casa Grande, AZ

You know the stereotypical “Let’s Light Up” character in horror movies who somehow manages to escape death frequently? You’re filling in at Errl Camp. Dread consumes your innards like a lengthy puff-puff-pass session as you venture around the haunted grounds.

Free Day Pass to all MMJ Patients
5 Acres Venue – Haunted Domes
Over 3 Different Themed Domes
Monster Mash Costume Party
V.I.P. Dome
Vendor Village
Errl Camp Games – Win $500.00
Vendors, Dispensaries, Patients and Medicated Camping.

You’ll run into ghouls, the undead, the Daily Marijuana Vendor Expo, three domes sporting different themes, a Halloween party and several food trucks. The nearby camping grounds encourages you and your friends to brave through the night before the next day’s horrific happenings.

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