SmokersGuide Event Profile

Unity Festival 2015

Friday 18 September 2015 - Sunday 20 September 2015

15905 River Road
95446 Guerneville

The Unity Festival is a three day music festival focusing on energizing the human spirit, and unifying our sacred spirit, through music, dance, art, education and helping our youth and community. It will feature some amazing artists from around the world, and from a variety of genres. They all come with a positive message to inspire our growing community of people coming together uniting to promote conservation, stewardship and restoration of our planet. They focus on interaction with others and celebrate unity through diversity.

A combination of sounds and expression through motion. People and organizations sharing ideas and information through spirituality and presentations on a variety of topics such as: Environmental stewardship, green living, renewable energy, building blocks for sustainable living, natural cures, alternative healing, spirituality, activism and global movements for peace. Our proceeds are donated to St Jude Research Hospital for kids, Sane Sart Courage Center (For Abused Children) and Vet Connect (Disabled Veterans) and various youth charities.

This event will feature great live performances from various musical genres. There will be late night music and off-the-hook DJ’s celebrating the bounty of Sonoma County and Northern California. The Unity Festival will feature great food and crafts, featuring local, organic and sustainable products provided by local non- profits and artisans.