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Dabbenport Extracts

Dabbenport Extracts

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 The cleanest tested at the Secret Cup LA 2014! 2014 Nor Cal Secret Cup 1st place Budder with Corleone Kush Sugar Wax.

Dabbenport Extracts strives to bring quality medicine to our patients. They do this by being in control of their material from the very start. As growers they can control what their plants eat so they can regulate how much fats, lipids,and waxes that are left in the plant after harvest . They don't use any hazardous sprays or sulfur burns's on their grows .

They have a range of medicine from rub's,coco pills, sugar wax , and edibles. Everything is tested for safety at SC Labs and Steephill for an array of pesticide and microbiological contamination as well as potency analysis. Patients can make informed choices when they know the strength of their medicine.

Residual Solvent Tests (RST)ensures that their concentrate process is sound, through using both a high quality, solvent free of impurities and toxic odorants , as well as through a proper purging process.


  • Crystal Extraction
  • Hashish
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Concentrates/Extracts
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