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Unicorn Brand Foods

Unicorn Brand Foods


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Gourmet mixes for home made edibles!

Unicorn Brand Foods are a Canadian company that create gourmet mixes for home made edibles. A unique concept designed to replace the low quality pre-made cake mixes many people use to make edibles.

Now you can make and enjoy gourmet style edibles in your on home. All Unicorn Brand mixes are made of high quality ingredients and designed to harmoniously meld and enhance the flavours of cannabis.

Check out our video below to learn more!



  • Cannabis Events
  • Edibles
  • Food
  • For Medicinal Use
  • Medical Marijuana
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F@*King amazing brownies!!!

Ok so for all us that have all done our own edibles, I like to do from scratch, but brownies were never my thing,,, just too much work, to not quite get it right,,, so I have used the off the shelf mixes from grocery store, but never impressed with the quality of final product so usually stick to making... Full details