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NorStar Genetics

NorStar Genetics

San Francisco

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Norstar Genetics is Commited to finding and crafting the finest quality cannabis genetics available, for the California medical community to benefit from.

NorStar Genetics are on an endless hunt for the world's best cannabis. Through their extensive testing and research, elite strain aquisition, and ongoing breeding projects, they assure you that all of their products meet high standards and exceed that of others.

With their continued commitment to improving cannabis standards state-wide, NorStar Genetics ensures the medical community that we they be here to serve them in the future….




  • Blackberry
  • DeadHead OG
  • Golden Child
  • Goo Skunk
  • Hell's Angel OG Kush
  • Jamaican OG
  • Killer Queen
  • LA Confidential
  • Royal Phoenix
  • Royal Queen
  • Seeds
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