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Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds

Gravenstraat 12
1012 NM Amsterdam
tel: 020 737 1599

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Paradise Seeds Center is a fresh, modern shop offering over 1000 varieties of top quality cannabis seeds. Visit the shop for expert advice, and cool Paradise Seeds merchandise, or check their website to purchase online.


Paradise Seeds are in the privileged position of having a great test ground in Europe. Here, they can test and select the best genetics the plant world has to offer. If you have some unique and/or mind-blowing genetics of your own that you would like to share, you can send seeds or clones to their office in Holland. They would be honored to test them! Indeed, they may use them in our future breeding projects so that your genetics can find their way to other cannabis growers around the world.



Paradise Seeds are organically produced and contain all the necessary trace elements for a good start. They work with strict criteria regarding the pollination of their plants. The pollination rooms are secure so that no stray pollen from other male plants can find their way into the select stock. Pollen filters are used in all grow rooms. As the moment of pollination is very important, they carefully schedule all pollinations to prevent seeds of inferior quality. After the production of seeds, they select only the best seeds by hand, and leave out the premature and non-fertile ones. The seeds are then tested on viability and germination. This way you are guaranteed to always get fresh, living seeds that are sure to grow top-quality plants. The cannabis seeds you get from Paradise are the real deal! They will produce the exact same quality strains you can read about in the descriptions and see in the photos for that specific variety.




Paradise doesn’t sell second-best. More then 25 Cannabis Cups have been won by Paradise Seeds in several Cup events since 1999, as well as some honorable mentions, such as Plant of the Year 2003 for Sensi Star (High Times magazine). This is why they proudly state that from their seeds you can obtain end products of the finest potency, taste and quality. Cannabis cups are not the only proof of this – so are the hundreds of customer reports they receive each year. Most of the varieties are strong, vigorous F1 cannabis hybrids, the result of crossing stable strains. These strains are developed to grow indoors, except for Sweet-purple, which was produced especially to grow outdoors in colder and humid regions. However, listening to the experience of many cannabis (marijuana) growers, they know they also perform great indoors or in a greenhouse. The other varieties can be grown outdoors in milder, sunnier regions, like France, Italy or Spain. In the varieties descriptions you can read the approximate harvest time when grown under the sun. Delta(9)tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main active ingredient of cannabis which provides the pleasant mind and body sensation described as a “high” or “buzz”. The higher the level of THC in a plant, the stronger its active effect. The given THC percentages are estimations. Since the plants are never grown under exactly the same conditions, the THC percentage can differ even in the same strains, but should always range between the given estimations for that particular strain. The highest THC percentage can be achieved from plants grown in optimum conditions. Also the size/shape of the buds and the yield can vary from time to time. The aroma and taste are also subject to change, all depending largely on the growing conditions. If the grower tends the garden with love and dedication, he or she will harvest fruity, tasty top-quality buds.


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  • 8.7

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Great place for seeds and advice

Didn't expect much, but ended up with baggie with PP seeds, extermely friendly staff that helped me also during the grow process. Dont know how I would end up without their advice. Full details
  • 9.2

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Paradise Seeds

I only like to write reviews on places I like and Paradise Seeds ended up being my favorite shop.  The quality of there product superb! Good People. Luc is da shit! Full details