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Ballonnetje (het)

Roetersstraat 12

Review and Rating by numorean

review created on : 30 Jun 16
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Terrible manners

This coffeeshop is one of my regulars and I am hesitant to write anything negative about it, but the way I was treated today is inexcusable. I love the vibe and the selection they have and am always satisfied, except today. I came in after work having just been given my tips in small change ( seeing as i work in a small restaurant and people just give what they have lying around, mainly tourists ) so this understandably can be a hassle for people to accept and I would have been more than happy to pay by pin if asked (because this is what i normally do) but if I could I'd have liked to get rid of it. So i start counting out cash and the girl behind the counter gets flustered and starts off by saying that they wont accept 1 and 2 cents. Which is fine but i was surprised and asked about it which triggered a guy (I'm guessing the owner) to come up and say to me in a brisk but not unfriendly tone that it's not legal tender in holland. Fine, i go on to remove those and count out what i need to buy my weed. He then starts to become more aggitated as he sees how much i'm trying to count out in small change (7.50) and begins to aggressively tell me that he is not a bank and that he'd rather not take it and I ask why and try to stay calm (this guy is having quite the temper tantrum day apparantly) because he starts to shout at me that I can just take my money and go. I proceed to calmly say fine. Scrape my cash together and ask the kind counter girl if I could pay by pin for my weed. She obliges and I walk away feeling fuming and not at all in the mood for a joint. You don't treat customers that way and I am now seriously considering walking the extra mile to another place just to avoid this guy. I've been coming here on and off for about 6 years now. Never had a problem till now, but if thats how they treat loyal customers, I'm out.

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review created on : 30 Jun 16

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