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Coco's Outback

Thorbeckeplein 8-12

Review and Rating by LoveGiant

review created on : 19 May 15
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Every Thursday

This is a great place to hangout on Thursday nights if you're into Karaoke. Every participant gets to have a shot or a free soda drink, which is great for me. If you're more the type of person, like me, that would rather laugh at drunk friends singing and smoke a doobie, you can do that here to. Coco's offers a smoking room, separated by plastic curtains so you can still see the party, where you are allowed to smoke weed as well. 

The service is friendly, quite easily making friends with the staff if you are around a lot and they recognize you. That isn't to say they are not friendly otherwise. 

They have 3 slot machines, a bunch of TV screens, a billiards table and a dart board. There is also an outside area, but after a certain point when the sun goes down, they bring the party inside. 

Every other day they show sports on 3 of their screens, and on major sporting events they drop down a huge screen with a projector. It's just a great vibe to chill and smoke and have a talk with people, if you'd rather do that than jumping up and down and partying all night. Of course after Karaoke, it becomes just that, so everything is wrapped into one night. That's why I love Thursdays. 

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review created on : 19 May 15

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