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Review and Rating by bushdoc

review created on : 04 Mar 14
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Coned beef hash!

I mixed up the hash like it was going into a sausage of some sort...smash, mush, squish, press and boom.... from the rolling tray straight into the cone and blam. done. Super easy.

  • PROS: I like the ease of use and I like the super big, well rolled filters in these thing... it makes for a super-pulling jointje!
  • CONS: I would like to see Cones line offer different types of papers including non-bleached and it would clearly be better for the environment if they could find a way to use a little less packaging. :)

Aside from all that, the Cones products are perfect for beginners or those who are in a hurry. For me this is the perfect product to bring to a concert or festival where you are probably too ripped to be able to roll a good joint anyway! (See some of my BushDoc Talks Shit [BDTS] posts for more on that madness.) hehe

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review created on : 04 Mar 14

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