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Review and Rating by bushdoc

review created on : 11 Oct 13
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Roll up Danish style!

Even though I am not one to care too much about what I am skinning up with, I find myself using these things all the time! You just get so used to them working as they do. My personal fav are the smooth gold ones, cos they feel luxurious. I also like the large black ones that are used for blunts cos you can rollup HUGE spliffs with them!

The designs are cool (especially the Smokers Guide editions) and I love the fact that SG writes all sorts of little stoner tips in there and that there are stickers in every pack. I give them to many of my friends from out of town and they always dig it.

They also have some nice merchandise like hats and shirts; i scored a nice hat from them.... thanks!!!!

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review created on : 11 Oct 13

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