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Review and Rating by ojosrojos

review created on : 28 Jun 14
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haha lol vatos! We picked these up when we were in town and were bringing them back home to friends but then we GOT STONED. AND DRUNK. Just f'd up to be proper. lol So the more we got high and down right stoopid, we decided to go for the ez Cones papers. My boy used the jumbos, but i was using normal. THe JUMBO's are TOO damn big dude! You gotta use like 5 grams and even then you got room in there! I dont know what these fkn crazy dutch homiez be smokin with that tobaccco but unless i got a blunt, i dont need no big ass Marley joint! LMFAO

ok, so the smaller ones are beter for me but my boy rolled a big fat perfect joint with these things, then he gonna go and brag about it all night! lolol i need to get him to post a picture here, u will be laughing


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review created on : 28 Jun 14

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