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DNA Genetics

Sint Nicolaasstraat 41

Review and Rating by JoeBurns

review created on : 23 Dec 13
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Canalope Haze did if for my hood lol!

Coming to the Dam for years and remember when i first saw the DNA weed here on the Smoekrs Guide for sale at Grey Area. Smoked some of their Martian Green and was immediately after more of their good stuff. FOund the shop which was on a tiny litle alley by the Homegrown Fantasy coffee shop. Picked up a few types but one i remember most was the Canalope Haze. It grew strong and long! I had a few probs with mites so it may have affected the total yield but i still got about 900 grams from the few square feet available. The high was soooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!! I had neighbors peaking over the fence when w were firing up this good stuff. lol  

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review created on : 23 Dec 13

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