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Review and Rating by bushdoc

review created on : 25 Sep 13
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Lavender & Somango!!!

I have always been a fan of Soma seeds. He takes great care to respect the plant, the environment, and the people. :) It was hard to find some of his really good strains for awhile but now it seems supply has returned. 

I have personally smoked many versions of Lavender grown out and can say that they ALL have had incredible traits unique to their fine genetics. A few years back we got some feminized Somango seeds to try and we planted them very early and were lucky to have a warm long season. Those beauties grew long and strong!

By the time the weather shifted most of the plants had turned an awesome blue-purple. The smoke was sweet, spicy and tangy. Yum. Check out my reviews on these bad boys....

Respect due to Soma, keep at it sir!

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review created on : 25 Sep 13

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