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Review and Rating by bulldogAndrew

review created on : 09 Jun 10
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We won't be going back again!

It's always been nice place to relax and chill!!!BUT!!
Marijuana menu: i am a regular visiter to the Dam(twice a year for the past 7 years!)BUT the menu has hardly changed in the last 3 years!!Although i loved the cheese they had!!!!
Service & staff: This place has always been my wife's and mine favorite shop, it was our first stop and last stop everyday on previous visits, but unfortunatley we found a new staff member particularly rude to my wife and i on a number of occasions!!!!
Summary : We won't be going back again!! Unfortunatley the staff can make or break a coffeshop and AND THEY HAVE BROKEN IT!!!this WAS my fav in tha dam once upon a time! Luckily there are lots more welcoming places in the dam i can blow my money in!!

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review created on : 09 Jun 10

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