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Dolphins (The)

Kerkstraat 39

Review and Rating by nugz

review created on : 02 Dec 02
  • 9.0
marijuana menu
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customer service
  • 8.0

its a decent place, just to stop by and mill in

upstairs, the walls are covered in some crazy shiiit, all nicely themed around sealife. the lights over the bar are in essence, fishtanks. downstairs, there is some crazy ass paintings on the wall, truly remarkable shiiit.
Marijuana menu: short and sweet. "white dolphin" is the daddy. no, fuck that... the MACK daddy. er... didnt try anything else.
Service & staff: it looked like there was a shortage of staff, but the poor bloke can hold his own. acceptable.
Summary : its a decent place, just to stop by and mill in. nice atmosphere ensures maximum chillage. be careful though, you can loose yourself in there all day. but is all love, so check it out.

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review created on : 02 Dec 02

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