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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2

Review and Rating by bushdoc

review created on : 10 Jan 02
  • 7.5
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"SS" & "CJ" make for some entertainment when you sit and watch how they deal..

After your eyes have been entertained with all the stickers and photos of celebrities, there's really not a whole lot to look at besides yourself in the mirror, OR "Stoney S" (did you get that term from me Lizard?)...
Marijuana menu: Not always a large selection in stock but always VERY STONEY! Grey Mist and GM Crystals are lovely but I also enjoy Yellow Cab and/or their Santa Maria from time to time...
Service & staff: Service is dreadful; with a smile! "SS" has no patience for stupid questions and/or tourists but it seems that's usually what they get in there! This said, "SS" is very cool about explaining the parties on when the weekend hits. "Chill J" is relaxed...
Summary : "SS" & "CJ" make for some entertainment when you sit and watch how they deal... some funny shit. Besides this you are always sure to see some stoney critters and local characters in what I call the GA2go, take-away styled shop! Worth a visit, even if it???????

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review created on : 10 Jan 02

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