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Oleum Extracts Cookies and Cream Cartridge

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Oleum Extracts Cookies and Cream Cartridge
Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Jun 23, 2019


 I purchased this from Natures Recreational Dispensary in Tacoma Washington.  It is a half gram cartridge that I got for $30 all tax included.  


The packaging is very simple and too the point.  Like a lot of the oils I am seeing, the color is a pretty mild yellow color.  Like dried up grass.


The smell is only a "taste" (pun intended) of the intense pine flavor to come.  


This is far more piney than any cartridge I recall trying in recent memory.  That is about all I can taste.  


I am feeling like this is a indica dominant hybrid.  I definitely had the heavy eyes and got sleepy.  But there was a little bit of a more focused element.  


Overall, for $30 (tax included) this was a pretty good deal.  Nice effects and decent flavor.  The cartridge had leaked a little bit but sometimes that happens.  

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