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Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummy Edible

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Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummy Edible
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Sticky Thumb

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San Mateo County


Apr 11, 2018


 This is a Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummy Formula with 100mg THC purchased for $12 from the Sticky Thumb Mobile App.  


As the pictures show, the the box lists the ingredients, what it doesn't have (like peanut free, gluten free, etc.) and most interesting to note, a claim of a 60 minute activation time.  


It definitely has a very strong strawberry candy smell with only a hint of the pine.   


Just like it smells! Good Strawberry flavor.   


Well it took about two hours before I started feeling much of anything.  By hour 2.5, my brain seemed to finally catch on that this was a creeper.  I had that strange sensation of feeling very energetic but my eyes were starting to close a little bit.  Very much in a zone! By hour 3.5, the high has gotten a bit stronger but nothing terribly intense.   


On the surface this seems like a great deal! 100mg for $12?  Sign me up! Visible in one of the photos is the size of the piece I ate which they say is approximately 12.5 mg of THC (twice the size on the low end of what they suggest for a first time user.  I was not trying to cut it into that small of a piece so I just ate the 12.5mg size on a full stomach just to be a little cautious as I have had some bad experiences with gummies before, even small amounts.

 I am glad I did not exceed the 12.5mg dose, as I feel it might have gotten into the uncontrollable.  The 60 min timeline claim may have been on an empty stomach but that is really my only question mark.  Otherwise, this is a nice way to regulate dosage, good flavor, high potency and great price! Definitely a good value for the money and I would definitely order this again.  

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