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Kin Strips

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Kin Strips
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Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Harvest on Geary

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Jan 21, 2018


 These Sub-Lingual Strips are $20 a pack and each pack has 10 pieces.  Purchased from Harvest on Geary.  


The packaging is very sleak with ornate embossed writing on the package.   


It definitely has a strong basil smell to it with a little bit of what I would describe as "Minty Cannabis".   


This particular variation is Basil and Watermelon flavor.   It definitely has a distinct watermelon flavor but it is not overly sweet.  There is a little bit of a burn in the throat as the strip settles but a glass of water 


I have a relatively high tolerance but i had two of these on an empty stomach and I had a nice clean buzz going for about 1.5-2 hours.   


For the price, $20 for 10 pieces I think these are worth it and I will definitely try the other flavors that they offer!  They are great for discreet medicating and they slip right into your wallet.  

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