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Pure Gold
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Tetra Labs

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Jul 9, 2017


Pure Gold is produced using a proprietary technique of extraction resulting a very clear gold oil with just a touch of terpenes.


I love the fact that it comes in little "grampules" that resemble Vitamin E capsules. This makes it easy to carry when you travel (in state of course!), and it allows for you to add just bits to your pen when needed. 


There's not much scent to it actually, although you get a soft touch of the citrus from Limonene that is added back in after the extraction proces. 


The taste is about as pure as it gets for oil. Really just a hint of the canna and citrus.... nothing more. Sorry I can't embellish. ;)


What's funny is that this may have been the very first oil extract I toked in California. (of course we had smoke extracts for some time in Amsterdam, until they became illegal!)


This company really had their shiz together since the beginning with some very clean and quality products on the California MMJ market.

The Pure Gold oil is one of my favs for purity and simplicity. There's not a lot added and that makes you feel much more secure as a consumer.

With such little regulation in the industry there are certainly a lot of cowboys out there, but Tetra Labs doesn't give any rogue impressions... to the contrary!

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