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OG Reek'n

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OG Reek'n
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Nov 27, 2014


OG Rollex Kush x Wardareek'n

Devil's Harvest Seeds


It's incredibly dense weed. It's well cured so you can break it up a bit with your fingers until they start getting too sticky, cos this stuff is covered with resin!



Goddang, no wonder it's named REEK'N!!! Stinks the whole block up, that's for sure....  lol

With tones of diesel, sour lemons and a touch of spice, this one gets your glands in motion and before you know it your mouth is watering in anticipation. There's lots of metallic fuel scent.  

When it's burned, it gives off what can be described as a lemon toilet freshener. Normally that shit would make me sick but in this case.... yum. 


The flav is almost the same as the taste; it is very heavy on the throat, with a LOT of floral tones and a little spice.

You know, each time I would smoke this, I would find a new thing I liked about it. It's got the pine and eucalyptus, but also a really nice sour edge.


This one doesn't leave you feeling as sleepy as some Kush's of this power do. That's a nice change for once. You get completely blotto for a good long while, before coming back to earth with a soft landing.

You know I love all types of weed, kushes have been my favs of late and this one SURELY doesn't disappoint.


Wow, I gave this one a lot of my smoking time this week, and it was worth every second. The great thing is that you don't need to smoke so much of it anyway... this weed is strong and lasts long!

The Wardareek'n is an awesome strain. Check out Andrew Pyrah's video on Wardareek'n Wax BHO here.

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  • 8.0

Reeking Up The Room

The OG Reek'n is very aptly named strain; this OG hybrid from Devils Harvest Seeds packs a punch. As soon as you open the bag the dank, heavy OG aroma from the Rollex OG Kush hits your nose; intensified by the intoxicating smell of the Wardareek'n. This is one heavy indica! Expect dense, light colored buds... Full details

The Green Place

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