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Casey Jones
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Nov 27, 2013


 Mainly sativa hybrid.


Here's a very dense and sticky nugget that is sitting here in my hand. I squeeze it, it springs back nicely. It is not too dry and covered with awesome 


This one almost smells like sushi! Don't ask me why? Is it a sort of seaweed/Umami smell? Or is it wasabi? There is a hint of green in there, but not in any bad way.


OK, I used the Vriptech to vapourise this one and it was quite overwhelming. I had the heat up a bit and it was not too hot, but just over the edge onto the smokey side. And guess what? It STILL tasted lovely. :)


SPACE-mannnnnnn.... :D We have so much going on in and around the lab these daze and now here I am, smoking up heaps of gear hand delivered to me from all of Amsterdam's finest shops!  I am very high from this weed. It has GREAT tracer visuals. Very flashy OUTER-EYE HIGH. 


Not bad for writing on the high. erhm, FLY! 

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Funky Munkey

Marnixstraat 333
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