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Stones Cheese 2

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Stones Cheese 2
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Jul 11, 2008


Mainly Indica-Sativa hybrid, Bio.


Yes, these are some serious specimens! What you have here are firm (almost rigid witout being too dry though), layered buds formed like pagoda temples, layer above layer, coming to a �pointy� tip. These calyx clusters that rise up are covered with fuzzy crystals. There are not too many hairs to be found on these buds and when they are seen, they are small, fat, light yellow-orange and almost white in some cases.


For a "cheese" strain, the scent is softly "cleaning product" (which is something I often use to describe the more Hazey type of weeds), but overwhelmingly �fruity� too, so as I break this up to toke, I am getting excited to try something new! It seems fresh and different, a bit zesty and a bit sugary as well; the funky cheese smell that I know from the original strains are lurking somewhere there in the background.


As I took long dry hits of the joint, I immediately noticed the flav is sweet and soft on the tongue. There is a zesty taste that is a bit peppery and very floral, like the smell of fresh pollen from a citrus flower. It expands like crazy and even if you take wee puffs, it's still hard to contain. Slightly sour fruity flav, a bit of the sour is typical cheesey in nature.


I felt like I was rising up out of a cloud of smoke... BAM! Where did the time go. I was lost in thought on this one and feeling good and creative. My life just seemed to slow down for a long afternoon after a few hits of this, and trust me, I was in no hurry to do anything to get it going again. :)


I was VERY happy to smoke this gear after a long break from smoking. Stones Cheese 2 was the best Cheese I have had in a long time. Many shops have it on the menu right now, so I will let you know how this one ranks up there. So far, I can tell you, this will be hard to beat...

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