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Triple X
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Dec 28, 2007


Moroccan "super pollen", dry-pressed hash.


It's easy to see the outer layer has a very shiny skin, yet the interior is speckled in dark and light. The pieces are thin cut, nice and smoothly, with edges that are "sharp".


Very chocolaty with an additional dusty flavour mix. For starters, it burns well as it lights up easily but it doesn't burn too hot.


This has a softly perfumed flavour. Very refined, quality hash often has an accompanying scent that makes my mouth water in anticipation. This is not your average polm, it is more near to something the Moroccans call a "Jewel", when its pressed into the corner of a large bag so hard it's similar to Puntjes. When hash is pressed like this it takes on a flavour slightly different to most polms that you find here in Amsterdam. It is a bit richer and earthier with a chalk aftertaste.


The feeling that came over me made my eyes roll back in my head a bit. There was definitely lot of visual in the FX for a polm. This feels different than most polms, which make me feel sleepy and� uhhh relaxed. Shit, I am too baked to carry on with this review!


This makes for a good introduction to Moroccan polm as it has the pureness to burn smoothly and taste great too. I think Barney's has a top-shelf sample on their menu here. Delicious.

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Barneys Coffeeshop

Haarlemmerstraat 102
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Barney's Lounge

Reguliersgracht 27
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