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Night Shade

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Night Shade
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Aug 14, 2007


Indica Winner 2006 Cannabis Cup, Barney's Farm Seeds Unfortunately, not too much of a sample made it back to me last year as this gear was in high demand during the Cup. AB-SG tried his best :) We just had to make do with what we had, so we decided to wait until J from Barney's found a nice sample for us last week.


You don't have to own a microscope to see the awesome crystal formation that has developed on these buds. The naked eye will easily spot the ripe, elongated spheres of THC that practically cover every part. The leaves themselves are quite "fuzzy", and you can tell that the good manicure must have taken a great effort. The coli are light and the leaves are slightly yellow-green.


There is a celery leaf scent that is slightly "peppery" which immediately reminds me of a lovely Bloody Mary or shall I say "Buddy Mary"! ;)


This is a great weed to smoke in a pure joint. It is rich and complex in flavour, and as you burn one down, it goes from a smooth spicy, earthy flav to a peppery-ice taste (on account of the resin build-up) that is very hard to contain!


After the first few puffs, I was feeling like I was sat in an ever-expanding tunnel! I could see if you were prone to paranoia you may say to yourself� Where do I get off this ride?!? As a pro-toker, that feeling quickly subsides and I really enjoyed the "everything's gonna be alright" feeling I got with this weed. I wish I�d given my girlfriend some, who was PMS�n a bit (no offence babe!). In the end, this weed did NOT make me sleepy, which surprised me, given the rather "couch potato" beginning. This weed must be recommended for those who use marijuana for medical purposes, as it tended to relax my muscles and my tension while maintaining a healthy appetite.


Barney's Farm has a super strain here. I really enjoy the slow, calming FX and the scent/flav you get is really pleasing. Overall, this one is highly recommended.

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Barney's Lounge

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