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Kings Polm

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Kings Polm
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Oct 10, 2006


Morocco, named after King Hassan, lending a "Royal touch" to what is considered the best quality.


Thin cut strips of light brown, "milk chocolate" coloured hashish. When they pulled it out of the drawer, it was already quite soft and flexible.


Pressing this to your nose releases the sharp minty smell of a fine super polm. Light it up and there's no surprise: a "heady" smell of sandalwood and perfume. The smoke is VERY heavy as it floats around space...


Strong on the tip of the tongue, there is a light burning that finishes near the back of the throat.


This is super-smooth. You just feel a light buzzing that gets more and more intense with every minute, post-toke.


I have always enjoyed a good super polm and this one has never let me down! For a little place in the middle of the "tourist-trap" Red Light, this gear does a good job considering its (relatively) higher price compared to other quality hashes...

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