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Buddha's Sister

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Buddha's Sister
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May 29, 2006


Indica-Sativa hybrid. Bio. A Soma Seeds original.


This bud looks powerfull, simply put. I saw a few little purple leaves among the buds and a heavy crystal condition with lots of big fuzzy light-orange hairs. It was lookin' quite good from all initial impressions!


The smell is extremely sweet; I immediately began to think of a sweet bubblegum; ready to make my mouth water as I began chomping it up. Luckily, there were not too many stems so I was not able to get a real mouth-full to sample' oh well, it will just have to come down to the dry hit; FRESH. Yum... Unlike previous strains called Bubblegum, this one really has the b-gum smell. Check it for yourself.


The taste is classic EXPANDO. Good luck holding a huge hit of this down; it is a battle. Super crystal flavoured but also holding a bit of the fruitiness that was so prevalent in the smell. Well cured, although the powder will have you hackin, the stream of smoke (or vapour in my case) goes down real smooth.


This stuff makes you feel dopey and euphoric. After a first date turned into an "all-nighter" I woke (smiling) took a fat vapour hit in the morning, and went to lay in bed and shut my eyes; I didn't know if I was stoned or was just simply aroused but I started feeling tingles down there.. at least 5 minutes passed before I realised that her hand was down my boxers! Shaking with excitement, I REALLY began to enjoy Buddha's Sister' and the weed too! ;)


I must say that the last bit was certainly more grapefruit flav'd than the last time AB-SG picked some up; it was leaning toward an NYC Diesel in many ways but the buds still looked much the same as the last sample I had tried. Either way, this weed is a winner!

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