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Aug 4, 2005


The "infamous G13" (apparently developed by the US Govt.) crossed with a Hash Plant strain, Indica, 100% bio.


On first glance you can only make out a light yellow-green under all the frosty-white. Really solid nuggets with lotsa hairs that are quite little. The leaves are tiny too, and seriously "fuzzy" in texture. This weed is so crystal covered that canna-nerds with their THC microscopes would be kept busy with this one for awhile! Considering this extremely sticky crystal condition, they still break up smoothly, proving a good cure.


Take a deep inhale off of this one and you will be gasping for a breath of air. It expands like a mini-mushroom cloud! Slightly spicy, with a touch of anisette; peppery, yet sweet and fresh.


I chomped on a stem and was pleasantly greeted by a fresh pepper flav. Delish; all it needed was a bit of rice and fresh mango chutney, and you�d think you were eating some Jamaican Jerk Chicken! When smoked, it goes light on the palette; not too harsh, just very smooth on the way down�


Trippy and "flashy" feelings prevail with a heavier undertone. I was expecting more of a body high but� WOW! Just went through this 30 minute TRIPPY phase where I started schoolin� one o�my friends: Talking bout history, and how I should a been a history professor, and that media is a super influence on history and vice-versa� I felt like I was floating; laughing� simply wrecked!


For those who can handle it; this makes you feel like one o� the early times you smoked; First Time High! This is really only for old pros cos I�d only had a few beers at the Barney's Bistro/Bar and I was outta the stratosphere!

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Barneys Coffeeshop

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Barney's Lounge

Reguliersgracht 27
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