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Khun Sa Thai

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Khun Sa Thai
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Mar 10, 2005


Thailand. Sativa, outdoor. Named after the infamous Khun-Sa, who is apparently one of the largest drug barons in Southeast Asia. These imports usually arrive with his "family" seal stamped on the package. Pro-stylee.


You needn't look long to realise this is good, clean outdoor weed. Gorgeous dark greenish-brown thin "dagger leaves" and heavily pressed into flat layers, there are very few stems and even fewer seeds in this gear. It crumbles apart without being too dry and within a few moments you have a spliff ready. (It usually takes 10 minutes just to de-seed a thai joint.)


The smell is spicy much like a Colombian or other sub-tropical Sativa. With it's tones of spice and earth, it made me think of enjoying an Asian stir-fry. Burning a spliff caused many in the Hotel Utopia's Lounge to ask what ol� skool weed I was toking.


The flav of this weed can be a bit acrid at time, but that comes with the territory, as no one said outdoor "brown weed" was always tasty, eh? Working up a hunger, I ordered one o� my fav drinks from the Utopia bar: Azizona Green Tea with Ginseng! So lovely, I asked if I could have another bottle to take away!


If you are expecting to be blown away, you need to check your senses; this stuff is a very subtle, cruising type of high. Uplifting, slightly visually trippy and certainly giggly, this weed is really a "breath of fresh smoke".


Get past the flav with a bottle of fruit juice or green tea and you are gonna experience a "bubbly high"; don't let it pass you by, this original KhunSa Thai.

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The Plug (Utopia)

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 132
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